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The Barrette Story

The story of Barrette is one of ingenuity, perseverance and an unyielding desire to find increasingly better ways to make and distribute our products.

  1. View more1924 1924400 miles north of Montreal, Roméo Barrette – a village beekeeper turned mayor and general store owner – begins buying wood and cutting it down for sale to paper mills.
  2. View more1942 1942Roméo’s 14-year-old son, Vianney Barrette, starts helping his father at work. By the time he is 17, he will be running a work camp, hauling four-foot logs to the railway from dawn until midnight.
  3. View more1958Barvi Limited is incorporated as freight company located in Val-d’Or in Abitibi, Quebec. The name is a combination of the first syllables of Vianney’s last and first name: BARrette VIanney.
  4. View more1962Barvi Limited moved to Laval to operate a lumber yard, purchasing and trading lumber. Shortly thereafter on the same site, Vianney also built a cutting and dressing facility.
  5. View more1964 1964Barvi Limited business flourishes and, in order to grow the company even more, Vianney opens the first Barrette’s sawmill in Lebel-sur-Quévillon, Quebec, with a partner.
  6. View more1969 1969In order to consolidate his business operations, Vianney decided to incorporate Les Entreprises Barrette Limited (LEB) which will from then on became the owner of Barvi Limited and the owner of his participation in the sawmill located in Lebel-sur-Quévillon, Quebec.
  7. View more1973September 28, Vianney Barrette passes away at age 45. He leaves behind his wife and their 5 children.
  8. View more1974 1974Vianney’s business partner buys out the Barrette family’s interests in the sawmill he built. The family is left with Barvi Ltd.
  9. View more1975The Barrette family wishes to continue Vianney’s accomplishments. Then aged 20, Yves starts over with his sisters and brother and they buy a sawmill located in Chapais, Quebec. The same year, the company begins producing wood fences in Laval under the name Fenclo Ltd in order to add value to short pieces of wood produced by the Chapais sawmill. Barrette-Chapais Ltd production starts at 40 million board feet while Fenclo Ltd fence panels truck loads are numbered at 50.
  10. View more1982 1982Barrette-Chapais Ltd annual production is 150 million board feet while Fenclo Ltd fence panels truck loads are numbered at 800.
  11. View more1987 1987Barrette-Chapais Ltd annual production is 185 million board feet while Fenclo Ltd fence panels truck loads doubles to 1,600 due to the installation of an innovative wood fence automatic nailer.
  12. View more1990 1990The first log goes through Barrette’s internally designed and created end dogger in the Chapais sawmill.
  13. View more1992 1992Barrette-Chapais Ltd annual production is 200 million board feet while Fenclo Ltd’s fence panels truck loads are numbered at 3,400.
  14. View more1996Barrette buys Blanchette & Blanchette Inc., a sawmill that also manufactures wood fence components and pre-assembled panels. The next year, its fence panels production is transferred to Fenclo Ltd.
  15. View more1998Fenclo moves from Laval to a piece of land four times larger in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. A new facility is built with an 8,000 annual truck loads capacity. 1998 is also the year of the ice storm that affected that region.
  16. View more1999 1999Annual production in Chapais reaches 300 million board feet, making it the biggest sawmill in Quebec and the most efficient throughout North America for logs of that size. The same year, Fenclo Ltd reaches a production record of 6,000 truck loads.
  17. View more2000 2000Barrette enters into a partnership with Distribution Toiture Mauricienne Inc. (DTM) to manufacture roof trusses and floor joists.
  18. View more2001 2001Barrette acquires U.S. Fence, a sales, marketing and customer service company in Cleveland, Ohio. Barrette also purchases Erwin Industries, a vinyl fence and wood railing manufacturing company operating in Bulls Gap, Tennessee.
  19. View more2002 2002Barrette acquires Plastic Research Company (PRC) a manufacturing plant that produces molded lattice, trellises, and arbors in Flint, Michigan. That same year, the Field Team is built up in Cleveland, Ohio. The Team has become Barrette’s eyes and years on the field to ensure the proper display of its products.
  20. View more2003Barrette begins the transformation of its facility located in Bulls Gap, Tennessee. The intensive work doubles the production capacity of the plant.
  21. View more2007 2007Wishing to diversify its products portfolio, Barrette introduces new Homestyle Sheds manufactured in Flint, Michigan.
  22. View more2008Barrette buys the vinyl shed division of Royal Industries, expanding its Outdoor Living Products division. It also acquires Crane Fencing, adding a pro vinyl fence customer base as well as retail vinyl fence business, and two plants manufacturing wooden bed frames from Leggett & Platt Corporation.
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Built with Ingenuity. Built on Integrity.

Our story began in the early part of last century, 400 miles north of Montreal where Romeo Barrette started selling wood to paper mills. By the 1960s, Romeo’s son Vianney had expanded the family business into a freight company, Barvi Ltd, a lumber yard and a sawmill, all located in Quebec.

Since the end of the 1990, Barrette have used all available resources to expand into other ventures including partnering with Distribution Toiture Mauricienne and acquiring manufacturing and outdoor living companies such as U.S. Fence. Now, Barrette is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of vinyl and wood building materials, and outdoor living lines.

At Barrette, we know our success springs from our culture. We are proud to have a reputation for doing the impossible, pushing the limits and confronting every challenge with hardworking ingenuity.